3 AG3 Battery Equivalents When You Can t Find AG3s. 377 battery alternative

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AG3 batteries are small, reliable, high-performance button cells typically used in small consumer electronics such as:

  • Laser pointers
  • Driver alert earpieces
  • Watches
  • Flashlights
  • Hearing aids
  • Digital thermometers
  • Security system panels
  • Cameras
  • Sugar level detectors
  • Calculators
  • Alarm transmitters
  • Blood pressure equipment

They are powered by alkaline chemistry with the following specifications:

Feature Description
Nominal Voltage 1.5 V
Dimensions 7.6 X 3.6 mm
Weight 0.7 g
Capacity 35 mAh

If you can’t find an AG3 battery, here are some reliable replacement options with similar performance characteristics.

Option 1. Alkaline Direct AG3 Battery Replacements

Direct replacements for the AG3 include LR41, LR192, 92A, LR736, 192, 384, and AG341. These are all button cells with alkaline chemistry and have a zinc anode with a manganese or carbon-based cathode.

These cells also have the same dimensions as the AG3 and have similar high-performance profiles.

The table below shows the main features of the direct battery replacements.

Feature Description
Nominal Voltage 1.50 V
Capacity 25–32 mAh
Operating Temperature 0 – 60°C
Diameter 7.9 mm
Height 3.6 mm
Composition Alkaline
Rechargable No

Expert Tip: The common denominator among the direct battery replacements is the alkaline chemistry, size and voltage. If any of the main parameters differ, it isn’t a direct replacement.

Option 2. Silver Oxide Longer-Lasting AG3 Battery Replacements

If you want a replacement that provides a longer life span, you can swap the alkaline AG3 batteries for button cells with silver oxide chemistry.

They have a higher power output per unit size than alkaline batteries, delivering an energy density of 500 Wh/L—double the density of alkaline batteries. Silver oxide batteries also deliver a stable operating voltage. This means a longer useful life since the voltage will only drop when the battery is spent.

The batteries also have higher leakage resistance than alkaline batteries. The leak-proof seals prevent the electrolyte from seeping out and damaging your devices which is a common concern with alkaline batteries.

The table below shows the common silver oxide batteries with similar dimensions and voltage profiles to take the place of the AG3.

Model Voltage(V) Capacity (mAh) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
SR41SW 1.55 45 7.9 3.6 0.7
SR731SW 1.55 36 7.9 3.1 0.7
SR726SW 1.55 33 7.9 2.6 0.5
SR721SW 1.55 25 7.9 2.1 0.5
SR41 1.55 39 7.9 3.6 0.7
SR716SW 1.55 23 7.9 1.68 0.3
SR712SW 1.55 10 7.9 1.29 0.25

Always choose a silver oxide battery with a voltage of 1.5–1.55 volts. Any higher and you’ll cause damage to your appliances. Also, check your gadget to see if the replacement battery’s height matches your device.

Choose the right battery suffix for your gadget

Check the suffix on the silver oxide battery before you buy. Cells with the same reference number may function differently depending on the letters in their reference numbers.

Silver oxide cells are grouped into high drain or low drain.

  • The suffix ¨SW¨ at the end of the reference number is used to denote low drain applications.
  • The suffix ¨W¨shows cells that can be used in high drain devices.

SW cells can only be used in appliances that don’t drain large bursts of power, such as analogue watches.

The high drain cells are best for devices that use up more power,such as LED torches and alarm s.

Option 3. Zinc-Air Higher Capacity AG3 Battery Replacements

If you’re looking for cells with more stored energy, opt for zinc-air batteries. They have a lower voltage at 1.45 volts but a much higher capacity of approximately 180 mAh—about 6 to 7 times the capacity of silver oxide batteries, making them more reliable.

Note: Capacity shows how much active material you’ll find in the battery. It’s an indicator of the battery’s energy under normal conditions.

battery, equivalents, find, ag3s, alternative

The high capacity of the zinc-air batteries makes them suitable for high drain applications.

Common zinc-air batteries with similar dimensions to AG3s include:

The batteries work through a chemical reaction between zinc metal and oxygen in the air.

Due to their chemistry, they are designed with small openings that allow air to enter. There will be a special sticker covering these holes to prevent the cells from activating while in storage. You should only remove it when you install the battery.

Expert tip: When you peel off the sticker, leave the cell to rest for about 5 minutes to activate before placing it into the gadget for maximum efficiency.

Possible AG3 Replacements

If you still can’t find a replacement, you may be able to replace your AG3 battery with several other button cells that have reasonably similar dimensions.

However, since they are not an exact match, it will depend on the particular device. Reach out to us at HB Plus Battery Specialists.We can tap into our 30 years of experience to help you find the right replacement for your gadget.

Here are some possible AG3 battery replacement options:

Expert Tip: The best battery replacement will have the nearest voltage and dimensions to the original battery.

What Else to Consider When Replacing Batteries

To ensure that your device continues to function properly after replacing the batteries, practice the following precautions.

  • Check expiry dates. The expiry date shows the useful life the cell can give you while performing optimally. Some cells may still work beyond this date, but there are higher chances of short circuits and leakage. Don’t buy industrial bulk packs for home use.
  • Change batteries simultaneously. If your device uses multiple cells, it’s best to replace them all at once. Replacing them one at a time increases the risk of the batteries malfunctioning.

Never mix batteries of different chemical compositions in the same device since this will cause capacity imbalances and mismatches in energy production. When the weakest of the batteries is almost depleted, it will be discharged to dangerously low voltage levels by the stronger ones, resulting in leaking.

Remember to take extra care and precaution when storing these button cells, especially if you have small children around. The cells are small and shiny and young children may swallow them accidentally, leading to serious health challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use lithium batteries to replace AG3s?

Lithium button batteries typically have an operating voltage of 3 V, double the voltage of AG3 batteries. Thus, they are typically not recommended as replacements for AG3s. Using a higher voltage cell on gadgets designed to operate at 1.5 Volts will damage your devices.

However, in some cases, you may be able to replace two AG3 batteries with one lithium battery. Read the manufacturer requirements and consult with an expert before you do so.

What do the prefixes in the battery reference mean?

The prefix before the number denotes the chemical composition of the battery.

  • BR/CR denotes lithium chemistry
  • L shows an alkaline composition
  • SR represents silver oxide
  • LR means alkaline
  • SG stands for silver oxide
  • AG is another prefix for alkaline batteries

Note: Manufacturers who denote silver oxide batteries with SR will also use LR for alkaline cells. Those using SG for silver oxide also use AG for alkaline.

Does storing batteries in the refrigerator help?

No. While the refrigerator lowers the temperature and slows down chemical reactions, it will do more harm than good. The moisture will cause the contacts and seals to corrode, resulting in leaking and poor performance. For best results, store batteries:

Also, avoid storing batteries near metal objects such as keys to avoid short-circuiting.

Get Your AG3 Battery Replacement

Choosing a replacement for your AG3 batteries comes down to the size, voltage and chemical composition.

Your replacement battery should have similar dimensions and voltage characteristics.

  • For a direct replacement, choose another alkaline battery.
  • If you need a longer-lasting option, go for silver oxide.
  • To get higher capacity, the best choice is zinc-air.

If you need help choosing the best alternative for your device, reach out to us at HBPlus Battery Specialists. We have a variety of AG3 button battery equivalents and alternative replacements and we’ll help you decide which one works best for your device.

“Excellent service. Very prompt service. Placed an online order and received these batteries in less than 24 hours. Will consider buying all my batteries from this supplier.” Haydn F, Verified Buyer

7 battery alternative

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This is a very small button cell battery for watches and electronics. This item also replaces Energizer 376 battery in addtion to SR626SW, TR626W, D377 and many more OEM part numbers. See below for an extensive part number list.

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I wanted to thank you for getting the new telephone batteries to us so soon! We were having phone problems and the quick service was appreciated. I purchase many things from websites and once many of them have the order they don’t seem to worry about how long it takes for the products to arrive. I really appreciate the follow-up to my status request email and that the batteries arrived even sooner than we had planned.

original LR626 battery specifications.

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Fossil Watch Battery Size Guide: Which Do You Need?

If you are have a Fossil watch that needs a new battery you are probably considering your options for repair and curious about what Fossil Watch Battery Size you need.

The most accurate answer is that it depends. Fossil watches take a few different size batteries depending on the model of watch. The only way to tell for sure is to open the watch up (see our how to change a fossil watch battery guide) to see how to open a Fossil watch and see the battery type.

Fossil Watch Battery Replacement

100% By Mail | Professional Service | Door to Door Service

Fossil Watch Battery Size:

Here at Watch Gnome, we have changed hundreds of Fossil watch batteries with our Fossil watch battery replacement service and very carefully track the types of batteries:

  • Most Popular: 370 / 371 We have found that 50% of the Fossil watch batteries we change are this type.
  • Second Place: 377 The second most popular Fossil watch battery size is the 377 with 30% of the watches we change.
  • Third Place: 364 The remaining 20% of the Fossil watch batteries we change are sized 364.

Options For Fossil Battery Replacement

If your Fossil watch stopped ticking, it’s best to get the battery changed and get it running again. Fossil watches are a reasonable investment at 75 to 300 each, and it’s work repairing the battery as opposed to just buying a new watch.

  • DIY: If you are reading this post, it’s likely you are bit of a DIYer and considering changing the battery yourself. We applaud your ingenuity! A few helpful hints:
  • Fossil Battery Cost: About 6-12 if you buy just one, high quality battery
  • Use The Right Tools: There are a lot of tips and tricks to change batteries with house hold tools. This is totally fine, but just be aware there is some risk of scratching or damaging the watch. So just be careful!
  • Local Jeweler or Watch Repair: Again another great option if you can find one you trust and can spare the 60-90 minutes to travel there and drop the watch off.
  • Cost: Expect to pay between 25. 50 for this option
  • Battery Replacement by Mail: If you are looking to get your Fossil watch battery replaced by a professional but would like to save some time and money, consider Watch Gnome. We can change your battery for as little as 20 and do the whole thing without you having to leave your house.

Watch Battery Replacement by Mail

Watch Gnome is America’s #1 provider of online watch battery replacement via mail and we have serviced thousands of watches. See how our process works and how much it costs!

The best BlackBerry phones in 2023

Remember BlackBerry? The brand once ruled the US smartphone industry, and it wasn’t until the iPhone 4 came along that BlackBerry’s real demise began. Well, the brand had a really hard time around 2010 and nearly met its maker but the boxy, business phones were far from done.

Does blackberry still make phones

In 2015, Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry brand, made a significant change by releasing the BlackBerry Priv, which was the first BlackBerry phone to run on the Android operating system rather than an in-house system. Despite this shift, RIM’s mobile business continued to struggle and the company had to find other ways to stay afloat and keep the BlackBerry brand alive.

Things took a turn for the worst, OnwardMobility, the company currently responsible for the BlackBerry brand, announced that it will not be reviving BlackBerry phones in any form. Here’s part of the official statement:

To all of our valued followers, supporters and partners:

We want to thank you all for the tremendous amount of support that you have given us since we first launched OnwardMobility. However, it is with great sadness that we announce that OnwardMobility will be shutting down, and we will no longer be proceeding with the development of an ultra-secure smartphone with a physical keyboard.

Will there be a new blackberry phone in 2023

No more BlackBerries, at least for now. There’s no information that any entity is looking into reviving the iconic BlackBerry brand. Nevertheless, we decided to make a shortlist of the best BlackBerry devices you can get in 2023. It’s not a long list, mind you, and you have to buy these used, but there are some options.

BlackBerry KEY2 LE

4.5 inches 1620 x 1080 pixels

13 MP (Dual camera) 8 MP front

Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 4GB RAM

BlackBerry KEY2 LE is the latest model from the company but these words bear a slightly different meaning. The KEY2 LE was released back in late 2018, and this alone could be enough of a factor to keep even the most devoted BlackBerry fans at a safe distance. Nevertheless, the phone exists and can be bought if you fancy it all that much. Let’s talk specs.

The BlackBerry KEY2 LE features the same 4.5-inch LCD display found on the KEY2, sporting a resolution of 1080 x 1620. Instead of the Snapdragon 660 Mobile Platform that powers the KEY2, the lower-priced model has the Snapdragon 636 chipset under the hood. The Lite version of the KEY2 carries 4GB of RAM and 32/64 gigs of internal storage.

Now, these specs are surely outdated by today’s standards but they’re not too bad. The Snapdragon 6xx series can produce enough power for a modern smartphone experience, and 4GB of RAM isn’t too bad either (the iPhone 12 mini sports the same amount). 64GB of internal storage also matches the base storage option of Apple phones in 2021, so you can (in theory) use the BlackBerry KEY2 LE in 2021. Is it the best BlackBerry phone you can buy? Not really.

BlackBerry KEY2

The Good

  • Exceptionally long-lasting battery
  • Useful security privacy features
  • Sharp photos captured by the camera under ideal settings
  • Tactile keyboard
  • Really fast recharge time

The Bad

  • Choppy graphics processing performance
  • 650 cost makes it tough to compete as a mid-ranger
  • Muddy image/video capture under low light

The original KEY2 or the successor of the KEYone (however you want to look at it) is also an option for nostalgia-ridden smartphone enthusiasts. There’s no denying that the KEY2 looks stylish and sleek, with the iconic BlackBerry keyboard below the square-ish screen. This one has even better specs than the LE version, on par with some low-mid range phones from 2021.

The BlackBerry KEY2 packs an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC coupled with 6GB of RAM and the Adreno 512 GPU, which is almost good by 2021 standards. The Snapdragon 660 is a fairly capable SoC, and 6GB of RAM should be more than enough even by today’s standards.

The KEY2 also comes with a dual-camera combo on the back, and a surprisingly good one, too! The dual 12MP cameras break down to the main sensor with f/1.8 aperture lens, 1.28 μm pixels, and a wider, 79.2-degree field of view, while the secondary camera features an f/2.6 aperture with 1.0 μm pixels and 2x optical zoom. You can record 4K videos with this phone, and also shoot panoramas, slow-motion videos, you know. modern stuff. The BlackBerry KEY2 is the best BlackBerry phone you can get at the moment.

BlackBerry Evolve X

6.0 inches 2160 x 1080 pixels 60Hz Refresh rate

12 MP (Dual camera) 16 MP front

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 6GB RAM

The BlackBerry Evolve X is a strange device. it’s almost like a KEY2 but without the hardware keyboard. You know, for people who like big screens. people of 2021. This phone mirrors the hardware specs of the KEY2 (to some extent). The same octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC ticks inside the Evolve, and the same amount of RAM can be found inside. 6GB. The 64GB of storage also matches the base option of the KEY2.

What’s different is the display. It’s a 1080p LCD panel with a modern resolution and a modern pixel density of 403ppi. At 5.99-inches it’s also pretty spacious. Not large by 2021 standards but bigger than most compact phones out there. There’s a dual camera setup on the back, also very similar to the one found on the KEY2, with the exception of an extra megapixel on the ultra-wide snapper. No 4K recording here but the selfie camera is 16MP and the battery is also bigger at 4,000mAh.

The biggest drawback of this phone is that it’s not quite made for the US. It will work in GSM mode with some carriers like ATT but it’s generally not advisable to try and get it if you live in the States.

BlackBerry Motion

The Good

  • Top-notch battery life
  • Waterproofing is a welcome addition
  • Reasonably attractive design
  • Powerful BB software suite

The Bad

If you don’t need a hardware keyboard but still want to flash the BlackBerry badge around, the BlackBerry Motion is your best bet. It’s another phone from the past, though. so don’t expect miracles. First, the model is out of production, so buying it would require dealing with scalpers and sky-high prices, and second. 3 years phones could potentially have battery issues. Still with us? Let’s soldier on then to some specs.

The BlackBerry Motion comes with a 5.5-inch Premium Anti-Scratch screen with a 1080 x 1920 resolution (FHD), which is perfectly fine even by today’s standards. The Snapdragon 625 SoC is under the hood which means the Motion is equipped with an octa-core CPU and the Adreno 506 GPU. Not the fastest processor even back then, and quiet on the backfoot in 2021.

There’s 4GB of RAM onboard, and guess what. Quick Charge 3.0 tech is present too. The battery will charge to 50% in just 40-minutes. You also get a fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button. Not to mention the overall classy carbon-fiber look of this handset.

BONUS: BlackBerry 5G 2021

The best advice we can give BlackBerry fans right now is to wait. Instead of buying 3-year old phones from scalpers just to find your romantic memories/expectations don’t match reality, wait a couple of months and get a modern BlackBerry phone.

battery, equivalents, find, ag3s, alternative

The BlackBerry 5G 2022 has been officially announced and just like every BlackBerry phone of late will FOCUS heavily on trust and security features. Don’t worry. the iconic QWERTY hardware keyboard will be present as well. The phone will be a collaboration with the US-based mobile security company Onward Mobility. BlackBerry announced the partnership right after their licensing deal with TCL ended.

As the name suggests, 5G network connectivity will be offered as standard, pulling BlackBerry out of the black-and-white past and bringing it to the present speedy/colorful days. The new BlackBerry might be equipped with flagship-style cameras, according to the latest rumors, which will bring the price up, for sure.

The phone was supposed to launch in 2021 but the year came and went with no BlackBerry 5G in sight. Now we know that OnwardMobility seized all attempts to bring back the brand in form of a new phone, and the project is dead, at least for now.

battery, equivalents, find, ag3s, alternative


It is difficult to determine the best BlackBerry phones of 2023, as the available models are already several years old. It is unlikely that many people will be interested in purchasing a BlackBerry phone, but there may still be a small group of loyal fans of the brand. Unfortunately, with OnwardMobility’s recent announcement, it seems that BlackBerry phones will remain a part of the past and may only be obtained as a nostalgic or collector’s item.

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