2450 Battery BMW key. 2450 battery BMW key

Lithium CR2450 Battery. Brands, Equivalents, and Replacements

Lithium 3.0V CR2450 battery is a non-rechargeable button/coin cell battery commonly used in watches, computer motherboards, medical devices, LED flashlights, toys, remote controls, car remote keys, security systems, wearable electronics, etc.

When compared with smaller 3.0V lithium batteries, CR2450 is a large and powerful battery with a large capacity and is often used in ‘high’ drain devices.

Updated: September 15, 2022.

CR2450 Battery Features and Specifications

CR2450 battery features 24.5 mm (~0.964 inches) diameter and 5.0 mm (~0.197 inches) height and it weighs in 5.7. 6.3 grams (0.2. 0.222 ounces) range.

CR2450 battery has a negative electrode made of lithium and a positive electrode made of manganese-dioxide; hence their label starts with CR.

The standard label for lithium 2450 battery with manganese-dioxide positive electrode is CR2450, although other labels are used as well, like 5029LC, DL2450, ECR2450, CR2450N, CR-2450, CR2450EL, CR-2450EL, etc.

CR2450 vs. BR2450

Due to the advances in technology, 2450 batteries with carbon-monofluoride positive electrodes are rare.

Labels of such batteries start with ‘BR’ (BR2450), but the main advantages of carbon-monofluoride lithium batteries (long shelf life, very low self-discharge rate, constant output voltage) are negated by the modern CR2450 batteries. Also, BR2450 batteries are unable to provide the high discharge currents required by keyless entry systems, remote controls, and similar devices.

The nominal capacity of the CR2450 batteries is around 600-620 mAh, while some older models and models specifically intended for high-drain devices feature 540-580 mAh capacity. BR2450 batteries (if found) feature a capacity of around 500-550 mAh.

The shelf life of the CR2450 batteries ranges from 3 years (cheaper models/brands) to 10 years, while BR2450 batteries commonly have 10 years shelf life.

Having said that, CR2450 from a reputable brand can easily match the BR2450 battery. hence BR2450 batteries are really hard to find these days.

Note: most manufacturers label their CR2450 as BR2450, too, in order to emphasize the fact that their CR2450 can be used as a replacement for the BR2450 battery. in most cases, this is correct, just be sure to check the specified shelf-life of the such CR2450 battery.

CR2450 vs. LiR2450

LiR2450 is a typical label for rechargeable 2450 batteries. Depending on the exact chemistry used, the LiR2450 battery typically features nominal voltages of 3.0, 3.2, 3.6, and 3.7 volts.

3.0V rechargeable LiR2450 batteries can be used as a direct replacement for CR2450 batteries since they feature the same (similar) output voltage that never exceeds 3.0 volts and pose no threat to sensitive electronics.

3.2V rechargeable LiR2450 batteries are commonly based on the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, and although they feature only 0.2 volts larger output voltage, some sensitive electronics may have issues because of that. before using 3.2V LiR2450 batteries in such devices, check the manual of your device.

3.6. 3.7V rechargeable LiR2450 batteries are based on other lithium-ion chemistries, and since they feature 0.6-0.7V higher voltage than standard CR2450, before using them in your devices, be sure to check the manual. such difference is large enough to easily damage sensitive electronics or to make device unreliable. Unreliable operation is not recommended, especially not for medical and security devices. better safe than sorry.

2450, battery

On the other hand, the typical capacity of the LiR2450 is in the 100-125 mAh range and can be recharged 500-800 times.

Although rechargeable LiR2450 batteries feature a higher self-discharge rate (1-5% per month, compared with ~1% annually self-discharge rate of high-quality CR2450 batteries), in devices that require plenty of energy on a daily basis, LiR2450 batteries can save some money.

Note: Never, but really never, charge LiR2450 batteries with chargers other than those recommended by their manufacturers!

CR2430 vs. CR2450 vs. CR2477

Non-rechargeable 3.0 volts lithium CR2430, CR2450, CR2477 batteries feature the same diameter of 24 mm (~0.945 inches), but different height of 3.0, 5.0 and 7.7 mm (~0.118, 0.197 and 0.303 inches) respectively.

Thus, their nominal capacities differ:

Certain devices come with battery compartment battery holders, allowing them to be powered with all three models (or just of two of them) with no battery contact issues.

Since CR2477 features practically the highest nominal capacity of all lithium button cell batteries, devices powered with these batteries will have the longest operating time between batteries needing a replacement.

On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the performance of your device(s) using CR2450, feel free to continue to use them. after all, ‘if it is not broken, don’t fix it!’ 🙂

CR2450 vs. CR2032

CR2450 is often compared with a very popular lithium 3.0 volts CR2032 battery.

Output voltages of these batteries are the same for the same chemistry types.

However, due to the larger volume of CR2450, it features a larger capacity. 600-620 mAh (CR2450) vs. 210-230 mAh (CR2032). This almost 3x larger capacity is the reason why CR2450 is the preferred choice in some ‘high’ drain devices and not CR2032 batteries.

Note: some devices designed for CR2450 feature a special battery holder that allows the user to power the device with both CR2450 and CR2032, which is great in terms of getting proper batteries, but with almost 3x smaller capacity, one can expect to replace CR2032 batteries some 3x more often than CR2450 batteries.

For short, if possible, go for CR2450 batteries 🙂

CR2450 With Soldering Tabs

Some devices use CR2450 batteries soldered to their motherboards via soldering tabs.

Although soldering tabs may be soldered directly onto any ‘CR’ or ‘BR’ battery at home, at least in theory, in order to avoid overheating the battery and possible damage and/or shortening its operating life, it is highly recommended to purchase CR2450 with soldering tabs soldered by the manufacturer.

Hint: soldering tabs are added to the battery by the manufacturer prior to battery assembling, or tabs are soldered using various ‘cold’ soldering processes (ultrasonic soldering, for example) after battery assembly. Or both.

CR2450 Battery Safety

Like all other lithium batteries, if swallowed, CR2450 battery can be very dangerous, not because of the toxic elements (CR2450 batteries are commonly free of mercury, lead, cadmium, and similar heavy metals), but because the battery may cause heavy internal injuries and burns due to the electrolysis.

If the battery is swallowed, CR2450 or any other, call the local emergency center and act according to their instruction. induce vomiting and similar.

That is why most brands manufacture CR2450 and similar batteries in child-safe packages.

But, just in case, stay safe and keep batteries away from kids and pets.

Most Popular CR2450 Battery Brands

The most popular CR2450 battery brands include Panasonic, Sony, Duracell, Energizer, and other most popular battery brands in general.

Their CR2450 batteries typically feature 600-620 mAh capacity, 7-10 years shelf-life, can withstand 1-3 mAh discharge currents and are easy to find at online shops.

However, less popular brands often manufacture cheaper batteries of similar and sometimes even better characteristics. But, some sellers overestimate their battery ratings in order to present their batteries better than they actually are. Just my 2c.

The following cross-reference chart lists some of the most popular CR2450, BR2450, LiR2450 battery models, with their most important features and specifications:

Nominal and Cutoff Voltages

Discharge Current

Operating Temperature

Annual Self-Discharge Rate

620 mAh 6k8Ω down to 2.0V @20°C

50 battery BMW key


According to the COMSAN battery standard, the sizes of the CR2450 and CR2032 are different. CR refers to lithium manganese round batteries, 2032 means 20 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm in thickness, and 2450 means 24 mm in diameter and 5 mm in thickness. Although they are both lithium batteries, can they be interchangeable? In this article, we will discuss whether CR2450 and CR2032 are interchangeable.

CR2450 vs CR2032 – What is the Difference between These Batteries

What is CR2450 Battery?

Lithium 3.0V CR2450 battery is a non-rechargeable button/coin cell battery commonly used in watches, computer motherboards, medical devices, LED flashlights, toys, remote controls, car remote keys, security systems, wearable electronics, and among others.

What is CR2032 Battery?

A CR2032 battery is a 20mm diameter x 3.2mm thickness non-rechargeable (primary) lithium coin or button cell battery. Depending on the manufacturer, the CR2032 battery has a voltage of 3 volts and a capacity of up to 240mAh. The CR2032 is the most widely used lithium coin cell battery today. The CR2032 battery is used in a variety of commercial applications, including automobile key fobs, motherboards, security system panels, and weapons sighting systems. The CR2032 battery can also be fitted with connecting tabs, allowing it to be installed in practically any position.

CR2450 vs. CR2032: Specifications

The following is the specification between CR2450 and CR2032.

Product code CR-2450EL CR-2032EL
Size CR2450 CR2032
Technology Lithium Lithium
Voltage 3V 3V
Diameter 24,5 mm 20 mm
Weight 6,3 g 3,1 g
Shelf Life 10 years 10 years

CR2450 vs. CR2032: Features Benefits

The benefits and features are shown in the following.

CR2032 CR2450
High voltage (3V) High voltage (3V)
Very low self-discharge; long shelf life: up to 10 years Usable in a wide range of temperatures (-30°C to 60°C)
A full lineup for use in a wide variety of applications Very low self-discharge; long shelf life of up to 10 years
No mercury added A full lineup for use in a wide variety of applications
High leak protection The very high weight-to-power ratio
Useful in a wide range of temperatures (-30°C to 60°C) No mercury added
The very high weight-to-power ratio High leak protection

CR2450 vs. CR2032: Equivalents

CR2450 Equivalent:

3V Energizer CR2450 Lithium Coin Cell-Replaces Duracell DL2450

CR2032 Equivalent:

The CR2025 battery is a very common lithium coin cell battery that is used in the same quantities and for the same purposes as the CR2032. The CR2025 is marginally more suited for goods with limited mounting space than the CR2032.

Product code CR-2025EL
Size CR2025
Technology Lithium
Voltage 3V
Diameter 20 mm
Weight 2,6 g
Shelf Life 10 years

CR2450 vs. CR2032: Applications

CR2450 Battery:

The Lithium Coin CR2450 batteries have several advantages in applications where standard batteries are ineffective. Calculators, digital watches, laser pens, vehicle keys, medical devices such as a clinical thermometer and a tensiometer, and workout equipment can all be stored in them.

CR2032 Battery:

Lithium Coin CR2032 has some advantages for devices that can’t use regular batteries. Memory backup, digital watches, car keys, laser pens, fitness gadgets, and medical devices such as tensiometers and clinical thermometers can all benefit from this battery.

CR2450 Battery Safety

If swallowed, the CR2450 battery, like all other lithium batteries, can be extremely dangerous, not because of the toxic elements (CR2450 batteries are typically free of mercury, lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals), but because of the electrolysis, which can cause severe internal injuries and burns.

If a battery, whether a CR2450 or another, is ingested, contact your local emergency center and follow their instructions, such as inducing vomiting.

As a result, most manufacturers package CR2450 and comparable batteries in ‘child safe’ packaging. But, just in case, keep batteries out of reach of children and dogs.

CR2450 vs. CR2032: Summary

The CR2450 is frequently compared to the widely used lithium 3.0 volts CR2032 battery. For the same chemistry types, the output voltages of these batteries are the same.

The CR2450 battery uses the same type of storage as the CR2032 battery. As a result, the energy density is the same, but the capacity of the CR2450 cell is greater due to its bigger size. The capacity varies by manufacturer and is typically around 620 mAh.

Is CR2450 an alternative to CR2032 battery?

The CR2450 battery relies on the same storage technology as the CR2032 type. Therefore the energy density is the same, but the CR2450 cell provides more capacity due to its larger size. The capacity also varies depending on the manufacturer and lays around 620 mAh.
The Lithium Coin CR2450 batteries have certain accomplishments for applications where traditional batteries cannot be used. Use them for calculators, digital watches, laser pens, car keys, medical devices like a clinical thermometer and a tensiometer, and fitness appliances.

What battery can replace 2450?

CR2450 vs. 3.0V rechargeable LiR2450 batteries can be used as a direct replacement for CR2450 batteries since they feature the same (similar) output voltage that never exceeds 3.0 volts and pose no threat for sensitive electronics.

Are 2450 and 2430 batteries the same?

CR2430 coin cell batteries are known for being slightly wider than their CR2025 and CR2032 counterparts. Security sensors that use coin batteries like the CR2430 are usually small and unobtrusive. But since the CR2430 batteries are wider, they cannot be used interchangeably with CR2025 and CR2032 batteries.

Will a CR2025 work for a CR2032?

For as long as either fit in the battery compartment, the CR2025 and CR2032 may be used interchangeably with minimal effect although the CR2032 would probably last slightly longer simply because it has a higher capacity (mAh).

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2450, battery

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How To Change BMW Key Fob Battery

BMW Key Fob Battery Replacement: This is a BMW 3 series F30 key fob but this design is shared on other BMW models too (F30 / F31 /F34 / F10). BMW key fob will not need any programming after changing battery and will work normally right away.

If you have a previous generation vehicle E90/E 91/E92/ E60/X series, read here how to How To Replace BMW E60 Key Fob Battery.

How To Change BMW Key Fob Battery

Image below shows a 2012 BMW 335i key fob.

First step, remove key blade from key fob. Press button (red arrow) and pull key blade out of BMW key fob. Key blade is used to manually gain access of vehicle if key fob battery fail.

( If you are looking for a fast and easy solution to sell a car, more here on “How To Sell Your Car Fast” in Ontario)

How To Dismantle BMW Key Fob

Battery is located under battery cover on back of BMW key fob (arrow), you will need a small screwdriver (a knife will do too) to open cover and change battery.

As you see on picture below there is a small tab on top corner of key fob and will be used to insert a screwdriver to open battery cover.

Insert screwdriver and pry out battery cover.

BMW key fob battery can now be removed. Picture below shows a key fob with battery cover opened.

BMW KeyFob Battery Type

Battery type is CR 2450 3 volts. Its a different battery from previous generations. This one is a thicker design. However, it is widely available at parts stores or online. Unless you want to go with dealer prices.

How To Change BMW Key Fob Battery: Carefully slide battery out of key fob and replace it with a new one.

Push battery cover back in place by inserting bottom part first and pressing on top part to lock it. Install key blade on BMW key fob and your done. Key Fob does need any programing and should work normally after battery replacement.

2450, battery

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: If you have any questions related to this post or Used Car Toronto in general, don’t hesitate to use comment section below.

Replace BMW Key Fob Battery the Easy Way

Learn how to replace the BMW key fob battery on almost any BMW key fob. Here you will find several videos and instructions on how you can replace the BMW key fob battery yourself. For more help with your BMW, check out the Vehicle Guides section.

Replace BMW Key Fob Battery

Watch a video on how to replace the BMW key fob battery on one of the newest keys designed by BMW. If your BMW doesn’t look like this, check out more videos below on how to replace the BMW key fob battery.

Smart Key Battery Replacement

What you will need

This battery is larger compared to a CR2032 battery.


You will need to remove the metal blade key from the fob. The metal key can be used as a pry tool to open the key fob.

  • Turn the BMW remote over. Look at the back of your BMW key. The BMW key battery is located under the back cover.
  • Remove the battery cover.
  • Remove the old battery. Lift the battery out of place to remove it.
  • Install the new BMW key battery. Place the new BMW key battery in place of the old battery. Do not force the battery in place. Only apply gentle pressure to the battery.
  • Close the remote. Snap the cover back on the remote.

Comfort Access BMW Key Battery Replacement

This key is used in many BMW models, including 1, 3, 5, 7, X3, X5, and X6 Series.

What you will need

6 pack of Energizer 2032 Batteries, 3V Lithium Coin Batteries; 3V lithium coin batteries perform in extreme temperatures from.22 F to 140 F


If your key looks like this, but the case won’t open, you may have the non-comfort access version, a built-in rechargeable battery.

For the rechargeable BMW key, see notes in the next section.

  • Remove the valet key from the BMW key fob. The metal key blade can be used to open your car door or trunk in case of an emergency. To remove the valet key, you will need to press the small tab in the keyfob and then pull the valet key.
  • After you remove the valet key, you will notice a small access port on the keyfob. Use the valet key or the flat screwdriver to remove the key battery cover.
  • Once you remove the battery cover, you will see the battery. Remove the dead battery and install the new one. Press the battery cover on the key with your fingers. Reinsert the valet key.

Non-Comfort Access Key Battery Replacement

The BMW key that has the side indent has a rechargeable battery. It wasn’t designed to be serviced. That’s why you can’t open the case. This battery gets charged when it is inserted into the ignition.

If you take short trips, you do not allow enough time for the key to charge. Take at least a two-hour or a longer trip to recharge this BMW key.

If the battery has completely died, typical on a 10-year car, you can open the case, but it will require cutting the key plastic part.

You can replace the built-in battery with a new rechargeable 2032 battery

Diamond Key Battery Replacement

The battery in this key is not designed to be replaced. Yet, replacing the battery in this key is possible by cutting the case and soldering a new battery.

The manufacturer does not recommend this procedure.

What you’ll need

FEATURES: 3 volts, PCB pin, low discharge rate, Voltage stability, reliable.; PERFORMANCE: Genuine battery cell ensures long lasting and shelf life performance


  • Start cutting the key shell. It is easier to start at the back of the key. Very carefully cut around the perimeter of the key. Be extremely careful, and avoid cutting yourself. Be careful that the knife doesn’t slide. Do not cut too deep into the case or risk damaging the circuit board.
  • Once the key fob is exposed, the battery is soldered to the circuit board. Use a soldering iron to remove the battery. You could also use pliers or razor blades to cut the terminals soldered to the battery. This is not recommended.
  • Solder the new battery in place. Always pay close attention to the orientation of the old battery. Verify that the positive and negative are oriented the correct way.
  • Carefully put the key back together. Use your favorite glue to glue and seal the key case.
  • Follow the re-initiate instructions below to program your BMW remote.
  • Congratulations! You’re done.

Watch this video if you need to program the diamond BMW key.


This guide covers all BMW key fobs, including the comfort access key, Smart BMW fob, and rechargeable BMW key fobs.

We hope you find the Replace BMW Key Fob Battery the Easy Way guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your BMW.

2450, battery

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Most BMW key fobs will work after you replace the battery. No programming is needed. The only exception is the rechargeable key and the instructions on how to program that key.


Follow these instructions to re-initiate the key to your BMW. You will need to follow these steps quickly. If you fail to program the key the first time, try again to complete the steps faster.

  • Insert the key into the ignition. Turn it to position II. All the dash lights should turn on, but don’t’ start the car. Only keep the key in position II for one second, then remove the key.
  • Next, press and hold the UNLOCK button. While you hold down the unlock button, press the LOCK button 3 times. All the locks cycle through locking and unlocking on their own.
  • Then turn the key to position II, then off again to finalize the programming.

Some BMW keys have rechargeable batteries that get charged via induction when inserted into the ignition. The rechargeable battery inside the BMW key will eventually stop holding a charge. A common problem if the key is over ten years old.

The BMW dealers will not service these keys. For example, the diamond BMW key. That doesn’t mean that you can’t service these keys yourself. We will show you how to replace the battery even in the diamond BMW key fob. Don’t rush and buy a new key. New BMW keys cost between 350 – USD 600. You can save hundreds by replacing the BMW key fob battery yourself.

What battery do I need for my BMW Key?

BMW uses several battery types in its keyless remote. The most common battery types used in BMW keys are CR2032, 2025, 2020, and 2450.

My BMW key battery is dead; what should I do?

Has the BMW key fob stopped locking and unlocking the doors? Maybe the key range is not very good. Or you may have a warning symbol on your dashboard. You will get a warning on your instrument cluster saying the remote control battery discharged. To fix these problems, you will need to replace the dead key fob battery. Once the BMW key fob battery dies, the keyless entry remote will stop working. In contrast, you won’t be able to lock/unlock the key with the remote. At least you will still be able to start your BMW. Make sure to use a new lithium battery, as those last much longer.

Can you change BMW 1 3 5 6 7 Series key fob battery yourself?

Yes. Follow the instructions on this page to learn how to change the key battery on any BMW keyless remote.

What battery size do BMW cars use?

The most common battery sizes for BMW key fobs are 2020 and 2025.

Where can I find instructions on how to change the BMW key battery myself.

Follow this tutorial, which shows you how to change the battery on any BMW remote.

Can I change the rechargeable battery on a BMW remote?

Yes. You will need to cut the BMW key open. Then use a soldering iron to remove the old battery.

I changed the BMW key battery, but it still doesn’t work.

Your BMW may be damaged. It may be necessary to contact your BMW dealer and ask for advice on how to resolve your issues with a key.

Can I replace a rechargeable battery in my BMW Key Fob?

Some BMW models, such as five series E46 and E39, use rechargeable batteries. These batteries last longer, but they may eventually die. They can be replaced but require special batteries.

How do you know if you have a BMW comfort access key fob?

You have a comfort access key if you do not have to insert the key to start the car. Your BMW is equipped with the Start/Stop button.

My BMW key fob has a poor lock / unlock range.

If you are experiencing problems with range, the most likely cause is the battery in your key fob needs to be replaced.


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