20,000MAh | Fast Charge Power Bank with 20W USB-C PD. Powerbank 20 000

Reliable. Portable. Power.

Experience high-speed charging whether you’re away from an outlet or off the grid. This high capacity power bank features the latest fast charging technologies in powerful dual outputs to fast charge the latest iPhone and Android smartphones.in/out and 18W USB Fast Charge ports.

ExperiencePower Delivery Technology

The 20W USB-C PD output delivers over 4X the power of standard 5W stock chargers.

What is Power Delivery?

USB-C Power Delivery (PD) technology basically enables a device to take on high voltage power in a shorter amount of time, which translates to superfast charging. A specialized PD chipset detects each device’s power needs and adjusts the output automatically. Less power wasted also means less heat, which helps keep your devices safe and preserve your battery life.

W Adaptive Fast Charge

Adaptive Fast Charge (AFC) Technology can power up compatible devices faster and more efficiently than standard USB chargers.

How AFC Technology Works

This specialized technology is designed to scan for devices that can support higher voltages, dynamically adjusting throughout the charging cycle for fast, efficient and safe charging.

High Capcity Battery

With 20,000mAh of power, enjoy up to 8X full recharge on most smartphones, and up to 24/56 hours of additional battery life.

Ultra-Fast Recharge

Two ways to recharge through USB-C and Micro USB inputs will have you ready to go in just 2.5 hours of charging

Ultra-Slim Lightweight

LED BatteryLevel Indicator

Your power levels are displayed in LED lights, so you can easily check on your battery status and ensure your backup is always ready to go.

World-Class Protection

Cutting-edge circuitry ensures you and your devices are protected from Overcurrent, Short-Circuit and Overcharge.

Smart Chip Technology

Reduce power wastage maximize charging efficiency to over 90%! SmartChip Technology detects each device’s power needs and adjusts the power flow automatically, keeping your devices safe by preserving your device’s battery life long term.


HyperGear is so confident in the reliability and performance of this product that we offer a hassle-free Limited One-Year Warranty

California Prop 65 Warning

WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Customer Reviews

So I recently bought the 20000mah for obvious reasons and was super surprised at the overall quality of this unit the look and the feel are great also. So to begin with I was charging it with the included micro USB cable that is until I realized that this thing was made not only to fast charge your connected devices but the brilliant people at HYPERGEAR made this unit also to accept a FAST charge through the USB-C input output which I initially thought was only an output used solely for charging your various devices cell phones tablets etcetera. but to my excitement and surprise you can also charge this unit with the USB C enabling you to completely charge this unit in half the time depending on how good your USB C wall charger is I charged mine from completely drained to max fully charged in a little less than two hours and my wall charger isn’t the most powerful so you could probably do better with a stronger more powerful wall charger all that being said I highly recommend getting one of these to anyone looking to buy a power bank or upgrade its totally worth it. sincerely yours truly thank you hypergear! A satisfied customer for sure!

Powerbank 20 000

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Product Description

Next Gen Power is here

This Power Bank has all the latest tech and new features that bring you Next Gen charging speeds. It has 2 USB outputs, and one extra powerful 20W USB-C that’s designed to charge your smartphone faster than ever.

This Fuel Series Power Bank can charge a brand new iPhone 14 and iPhone 12/13 up to 59% in just half an hour. Compared to using an old charging brick, this is up to 3x faster!

Developed with passion

At Xtorm we believe you should get joy and energy from using our products, which is why we put extra care and attention into the design and user friendliness of our power banks.

A design that feels good

000mah, fast, charge, power, bank

This Power Bank has an iconic geometric design with a matte soft touch finish, designed to look and feel great. The result is a Power Bank that stands out from the crowd, and which is a true joy to use every day.

Equipped with a high capacity battery, this Power Bank gives you and your devices more energy. Its 20W power output and 20.000mAh battery are strong enough to fast charge your phone up to 5 times!

Even though this Power Bank is fully loaded with all the latest tech and innovations, it’s still fully backwards compatible with all of your older devices. We’re future proof, but not forgetting the past.

Note: The wattage of the device you want to charge must be lower than the wattage of the product you are using to charge it. Devices with higher wattage, cannot be charged with this.

Romoss Ares 20 Power Bank 20000mAh USB Type-C 20000 mAh Portable External Battery Charger

For first use, please drain up the power bank to 0 before charging it to 100% to activate the digital LED screen.

For smooth customs clearance, customers from Korea who buy ROMOSS power bank, please leave your Clearance Code(P12 digits, such as P123456789235) when you place the order. Do not worry about that we will not disclose your information.

Work with all of for iPhone/for iPad/Tablets,other cell phones and electronic devices.It can charge about 8 times for iPhone8,about 4.3 times for /Huawei/Huawei P10,about 5 times for Xiaomi4/for /Xiaomi/Xiaomi note,about 3 times for iPad mini2.20000mAh Large Capacity Suitable for everyday using,traveling,camping or other outdoor activities.What’s more you can use it in your garden,for your USB appliances,like string light.

3-input: Micro-USB, for lighting and Type-C provides high convenience of recharging this power bank with any of these 3 widely used cables. 2-Output: 2 USB outputs enable to charge a mobile phone, a tablet or for Nintendo Switch simultaneously.

This portable power bank has a full-view LED display, it presents available battery percentage exactly. Ensures easy check and accurate battery capacity.

With built-in polymer cells are complaint with Civil Aviation Standards are allowed on aboard flight without any safety concerns.

【Quality Assurance Certified Safe】

Our Li-Polymer batteries adhere to the highest safety and quality standards.Automatically adjust the output power to deliver the optimal charging current keep your devices from overcharging, over-current, over-voltage and short circuit.

ROMOSS Sense 8 Power Bank 30000mAh QC PD 3.0 Fast Charging Powerbank 30000 mAh Portable External Battery Charger

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  • ROMOSS Power Bank 60000mAh Powerful QC18W 22.5W SCP Fast Charge External Battery 90.99
  • ROMOSS Power Bank 65W PD Fast Charge 40000mAh USB C Portable Powerful Powerbank 55.66
  • ROMOSS 65W Fast Charge USB Type C Charger QC 3.0 PD 3.0 Quick Charger 22.99
  • ROMOSS Sense6PS PRO Power Bank 30W Fast Charger 20000mAh External Battery Portable Charger Powerbank 46.13
  • Romoss Power Bank 10000mAh PD 20W Fast Charging External Battery 10000 mAh Portable Charger Mini Powerbank 25.99
000mah, fast, charge, power, bank

Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 Review

Let’s get straight into our Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 Review and see if this portable battery pack is any good.

The Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 is a portable battery charger which has a huge 20000mAh capacity. It’s charged via a Micro USB port, you then transfer the power to a smartphone, tablet or other compatible device using your normal USB cable.

Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 Review – First Impressions

My first impression of this power bank was that it’s quite heavy. Weighing in at 450 grams (15.87oz) it’s around 82 grams heavier than one of it’s competitors comparable devices. In real terms there’s little in it and if you are worried about weight you should probably sacrifice a bit of battery power and opt for a smaller capacity which isn’t as heavy.

It feels strong, looks good and comes in basic blue packaging.

Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000 Review – How Does It Perform?

I charged the battery pack and at the same time, allowed my iPhone and Airpods to be discharged – so that I could run a test.

This battery pack has two USB-A outputs so you can charge two devices simultaneously. It’s ideal for me as I was testing charging the iPhone XS and the first generation Airpods.

It’s really simple to use, plug the USB-A male into the female connection on the Sandberg charger, (the white LEDs immediately light up to indicate battery level) and then plug the other end into your phone, tablet or other device. I like the battery status indicator, it’s simple and the thin strip of LEDs looks great.

My phone and earbuds charged quickly, as if they where plugged into mains power. The charger didn’t become hot to touch unlike a lot of other cheaper portable battery chargers.

I used the Sandberg Saver 20000 as my main charger and it managed 7 full charges of my iPhone and one full charge of my Airpods before I needed to re-charge the device itself. That’s pretty much inline with what Sandberg say on their website.

How Is The Build Quality?

So far so good then but how is the build quality? It feels well built but at the same time it feels like the top casing (where the LEDs are) would crack or break if I dropped it. The rest of it feels solid, so I’m not sure why the front top section feels weaker than the rest of it. When pressed, the plastic bends inwards. My initial reaction to this was perhaps the casing is a standard design and it’s only the internals that differ depending on which capacity you opt for, which would make sense.

It also scratches quite easily, so if you want to keep it pristine keep that in mind.

The button on the right hand side allows you to start charging a device if it doesn’t immediately recognise you have connected your phone to it. That button feels solid. I like it.

What I should bear in mind is the fact that Sandberg have added their ‘Saver’ branding to this product. If you want something that’s a lot tougher you’ll need to opt for something out of their ‘Active’ range.

We reviewed the Sandberg Active Lightning Cable and if you want tough and hard wearing, we thoroughly recommend it. I imagine other peripherals in the active range are just as good and hopefully we’ll review some of those in the near future.

Features and Specifications

Description: Sandberg Saver Powerbank 20000
Product Category: Mobile Accessories – Powerbanks
EAN: 5705730320422
Battery Capacity: 20000mAh
Input: 5V/2A
Output: 2 x USB-A Output 5V/2.4A
Connectors: 1 x Micro USB female 2 x USB-A female
Price: £27.99

Summary and Verdict

With a fully charged Sandberg Saver Powerbank in your tech arsenal you’ll never run out of battery power when you need it most, you can ensure that you will always be able to charge your devices anywhere anytime – without having to depend on a power socket.

I really like it and it’s much better than the iMuto battery pack I bought a few months ago. At around £28 for the Sandberg Saver 20000 it’s a wise investmentment.

000mah, fast, charge, power, bank

Score: 8/10

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