12 Best power banks compatible with iPhone and iPad (2023 update). Power bank iPhone 7

best power banks compatible with iPhone and iPad (2023 update)

At first, picking up a power bank for your iPhone should be an easy and enjoyable task. But when you start looking for options, doubts start to pop in.

The thing is that most probably you have more devices than just your iPhone – and that you would like to be able to charge them on the go, as well. Apple Watch, iPad, Bluetooth headphones, a digital camera?

Plus the cables with all possible plug configurations to make sure that any device can be charged. Looks like a lot of stuff to take, while the only thing you need is to emergency charge your iPad or iPhone once every few days.

The more devices you have, the bigger the power bank you would need. On the other hand, high-capacity battery packs are heavy and big. A big power bank capable of charging all your mobile Apple devices could weigh more than all these devices combined.

Plus, there are parameters to consider such as capacity, maximum power output, compatible plugs and ports, and extra features, such as built-in cables, wireless charging, or pass-through technology.

Below, you will find a list of the newest, most innovative power banks that are compatible with iPhone and iPad (some of them can charge your Apple Watch and MacBook, as well).

I personally don’t recommend solar power banks, so you won’t find them in this round-up. Solar power banks are heavier and less reliable than non-solar battery backs, and they can’t be treated as emergency charging solutions, so in the end they won’t give you peace of mind.

My general advice: choose for your iPhone and/or iPad the power bank that meets most of your needs without being too bulky.

Power banks for iPhone and iPad – things to know

Here are the parameters to take into consideration when choosing a power bank:

▸ Capacity – measured in milliampere hours (mAh) – shows the power bank’s maximum charge that can be transferred by a steady current of one milliampere flowing for one hour. The bigger the capacity, the more times you will be able to charge your iPhone.

▸ Power output – measured in watts (W) – shows the power bank’s maximum rate of energy transfer. iPads need chargers with higher power output. So, even if the power adapter has a high capacity, it may not be able to charge the iPad if it has a low power output. Here is a list of original iPhone and iPad power adapters, which is a good power output reference when looking for compatible power banks.

▸ Power delivery – this is the USB port related specification showing how fast a specific port can be in charging the devices with greater power demand. Usually, the fastest power delivery is provided by USB-C ports.

▸ Output ports – the number and kind of ports used to charge connected devices. Please keep in mind that in some power banks USB-C ports work only one way – to charge the power bank itself. That’s why it’s important to double check if the USB-C port is “two-way,” ”in-out,” or “input-output.”

▸ Input ports – the number and kind of ports used to charge the power bank itself. Some ports in a single power bank can be used for both input and output – but some for input only. You should analyze which port serves which purpose if you want to avoid disappointment.

▸ Pass-through technology – if you find this phrase in the description, it means that the power bank is capable of charging the connected devices while it’s connected to the wall power socket.

Power bank flight information

Power banks use lithium-ion batteries which are liable to catch fire, therefore it is prohibited to put them in the check-in luggage (the luggage you leave at the airport to take to the cargo space of the plane).

However, you can keep two power banks in your carry-on luggage (the small luggage you take with you to the plane’s cabin). Their combined capacity should not exceed 27000mAh.

For instance, you can have in your carry-on luggage:

  • One power bank with a capacity 25000mAh, or
  • Two power banks – one with 6000mAh and one with 20000mAh capacity

If you want to take with you on board the power bank that’s capable of charging your iPad, you should pick up the one that has the capacity below 27000mAh but power output 20W or higher.

These iPad and iPhone compatible cases and accessories were tested to survive military-defined conditions.

Best iPhone and iPad compatible power banks

50000mAh battery pack with USB-C input-output port

Our pick: The best power bank to charge both the iPhone and iPad

▸ This is one of the most powerful and reliable battery packs that are currently available on the web. It offers 50000mAh capacity which is enough to charge an iPhone 11 as many as 10 times, and an 11-inch iPad Pro (2021 release) 3 times.

▸ There are 4 ports to charge your devices and 3 ports to charge the power bank itself. It’s worth noting that the USB-C port is two-way – you can use it both for energy input and output.

▸ The fast USB-C output port combined with 18W power output will let you quickly charge not only your iPhone (all models) but also the iPad, even if you have the model that comes with a 20 W power adapter. It will just take a bit more time to fully charge it.

▸ Additionally, the power bank is equipped with an ultra-bright flashlight. There is also a small display showing the battery level – a helpful feature if you want to plan ahead when you should recharge the battery pack.

▸ The power bank is offered on Amazon by Nuxgal. The company offers a free replacement of the product one you encounter any problems, plus there is an 18-month warranty.

▸ The price at the time of updating this post is 52, but it will go up to 56 after the limited-time offer ends.

Compatible: All current iPhone models, all current iPad models.

Our score: 8.1/10

Magnetic 20W USB-C iPhone power bank stand supporting wireless charging

Our pick: Best wireless charging enabled iPhone compatible power bank

▸ Are you looking for a cable-free power bank that can charge your iPhone wirelessly also when you are using it? Take a look at 633 MagGo (Magnetic Battery) from Anker – a renowned producer of power supply gear.

▸ This compact iPhone-sized battery pack is really clever. Two prominent benefits are combined in this beast: the wireless charging option (no need to take cables with you), and a built-in kick-stand that will let you use your iPhone hands-free.

▸ Anker MagGo 633 comes with 10000mAh capacity, 20W power output, and USB-C port. Thanks to that, you can fast-charge your iPhone 13 almost two times.

▸ To start the wireless charging, just snap the power bank onto the back of your iPhone. The perfectly aligned, strong magnets provide stable charging and strong grip. There is no way the Anker MagGo will fall away while you are holding the iPhone in your hand.

▸ A small but solid kickstand will allow you to place the iPhone on a desk at the vertical position. There is no need to take with you an extra stand, if you want to watch a movie or read an ebook, hands-free.

▸ It’s worth keeping in mind that you can charge your iPhone almost 3 times faster if you do it via the USB-C to Lightning cable.

▸ 2 ft (60 cm) USB-C to USB-C cable is included in the box. There are three colors to choose from: Black, White, and Light Blue.

▸ Anker 633 MagGo comes with a 24-month warranty, and costs 79.99 based on the list price. I haven’t spotted any price deals yet.

✨ Compatible: All iPhone models supporting wireless charging (for wireless charging to work), all iPhone models (for cable charging).

Thin affordable power bank with an accurate battery level display

▸ Charmast is one of the leading producers of power supply accessories. One of the company’s most popular models is this USB-C enabled battery pack, which, compared to other power banks with the similar capacity, is extremely thin. Its depth is only 16 mm, so you can easily slide it into a or a tablet sleeve.

▸ LED displays showing the level of the remaining power are relatively new, and they are usually offered in higher capacity battery packs. This 10400mAh power bank comes with the LED display, as well.

▸ The four color battery level display is highly accurate (still not a common feature in the power bank category). It will display the current battery level to the last 1%.

▸ The power bank’s capacity is 10400mAh, which means you can charge your iPhone between 3 and 8 times (depending on the model). You can also charge your iPad mini 6 at least one time.

▸ Charmast battery pack is offered in four variants: Black, Black with cables, White, and Blue.

▸ The price depends on the variant you choose. The Black color is the cheapest, and you can get it for 19.99. Other variants cost between 25 and 30, but you can expect price cuts from time to time.

✨ Compatible: All current iPhone models, iPad mini (all generations).

Compact 20W 32000mAh power bank with built-in cables

▸ Although offering as much as 32000mAh of electric charge, this external iPhone and iPad compatible battery pack is extremely compact. It measures 5.7 in (14.5 cm) and weighs 15.9 ounces (450 grams).

▸ The biggest benefit of this particular model are two built-in cables that come with three plugs. One cable ends with a Lightning plug for your iPhone. The cable on the other side is equipped with USB-C and micro USB plugs. Thanks to that, you won’t need to take with you any cables – these three plugs are compatible with most mobile devices.

▸ The 20W power output delivered via the Type-C port means that the power bank can handle even the most power consuming iPad Pro models that come with 20W power adapters.

▸ The power bank is equipped with as many as 13 safety features including the ones protecting against overcharge, overheat, and short circuit. Thanks to that, the life’s battery is prolonged and the power bank is more stable. It can perform 400 high-cycle recharge tests, and the battery will still offer the 80% capacity.

▸ The regular price of the power bank is 49, but at the time of updating this overview we see it dropped to 38.

✨ Compatible: All current iPhone models, all current iPad models.

Anker PowerCore 40000mAh 30W power bank for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook

▸ From Anker comes the most efficient and versatile battery pack in this overview – the newest Anker 347 PowerCore 40K. It offers 40000mAh capacity, 30W power output, two 2 USB-C, and two USB-A ports.

▸ You can use Anker 347 to charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even MacBook Air – four devices at the same time. The company claims the PowerCore 40K has enough capacity to fully charge iPhone 13 7.5 times and MacBook Air over 2 or more times.

▸ There are two color variants to choose from: Black and White. Each one costs 99.99, but you can see occasional price cuts, usually via featured deals during Black Friday or Prime Day.

Compatible: All current iPhone models, all current iPad models, 30W powered MacBook Air variants.

Our score: 8.1/10

Ultra-compact direct plug-in iPhone power bank

▸ Here is a clever power bank that can charge your iPhone while you are using it, without all the mess and ugliness created by adding the cables.

▸ This ultra-compact power bank from iWalk is the size of a lipstick. With a Lightning connector that’s mounted directly on its body, you can attach it right under your iPhone. For extra protection, the Lightning connector comes with a cap made of flexible rubber.

▸ With 3350mAh of electric charge, this ultra-small battery pack is a perfect emergency charging tool. You can use it to recharge most iPhone models to their full battery level.

▸ The charger comes with a pass-through technology. It means that you can use it to charge your iPhone at the same time you charge it. It’s a helpful feature if you don’t have the cables and the power adapter to charge your iPhone directly from a wall socket.

▸ You can get iWalk iPhone power bank in one of six colors, including Pink, Light Blue, and Signal Green. The price is set at 25, and I haven’t seen any price cuts in the recent months. You can also have the 2-pack (Black and White variants) for 45.

✨ Compatible: All current iPhone models.

Our score: 7.8/10

100W iPad and MacBook thin tablet power bank with 2 USB-C ports

▸ If you are looking for an effective tool to charge your iPad or MacBook, you should look for tablet-first battery-pack.

▸ From Baseus comes a power bank that’s tailored to charge tablets and laptops. Its main visual point of difference is the ultra-flat design – it’s only 0.7 in (17 mm) thick. Thanks to that, you can easily put it into the MacBook bag or your iPad sleeve.

▸ The capacity of the power bank is “only” 20000mAh, but when it comes to more power-hungry devices, the main factor is not the capacity but power output. And this power bank offers 100W. It means you can charge not only all iPad or iPad Pro models, but also your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

▸ The 20000mAh capacity is also suitable, if you want to take the power bank with you to the plane. As I mentioned in the facts section of this overview, only two power banks with a combined capacity no higher than 27000mAh are allowed on board.

▸ What’s most important, the battery pack features two in-out USB-C ports supporting 100W output. As a result, you can charge two large devices at the same time, be it your iPad and MacBook. It will take about 30 minutes to charge the battery of the 16-inch MacBook Pro to 35%.

▸ The list price of Baseus iPad-friendly power pack is 130, but any time I checked the product page, the price was down to 99.

✨ Compatible: All current iPhone and iPad models, all MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

Our score: 8.0/10

Cheap power bank with four built-in cables and hand loop

▸ Are you looking for an affordable power bank that will recharge your iPhone and most other small mobile devices, old and new, at no extra cost? Take a look at this slim 10000mAh power charger that costs less than 20.

▸ The biggest benefit of this particular battery pack is about connection options. You won’t need to buy extra cables with specific plugs for specific devices, because most output options are provided by four built-in cables.

▸ The power bank comes with cables featuring the following plugs: Lightning, micro USB, USB-C, and USB-A. Thanks to that, you will recharge your iPhone, your next iPhone (which may come with a Type-C port instead of Lightning) or a really old device that you can recharge only via USB-A connection.

▸ A clever thing about this power bank is the Lightning cable that doubles as a hand loop. Plus, there is also a small LED screen that displays the current battery status.

▸ The battery pack comes with Amazon Choice badge, and is highly popular on Amazon. You can choose from two color variants: Black and White. The regular price is 32, but for a long time the price was reduced to 18.99 (42% off).

▸ For extra 10 you can get a version with 20W power delivery and 20000mAh capacity, which is also enough for your iPad.

✨ Compatible: All current iPhone models.

Innovative 5-in-1 iPhone-ready 10000mAh power bank charger

Our pick: Most versatile power bank for iPhone

▸ From Charmast comes an innovative battery pack that offers five features in one:

  • 10000mAh compact-size power bank,
  • USB-C port for both input and output,
  • LED display with a remaining battery capacity,
  • built-in cables with three plugs: Lightning, USB-C, and micro USB,
  • built-in, foldable, AC plug

▸ The biggest benefit and the most innovative feature is the foldable AC plug. You can plug the power bank directly to the wall socket for fast recharging without the need to use any cables. What’s more, while the power bank sits in the wall, you will be able to recharge the connected devices, so it works like a power strip.

▸ The built-in cables let you charge even three devices simultaneously: one iPhone via the Lightning port, one iPad via the USB-C port, and one more device via the micro USB port. Please note that, while the iPad is shown in the visualization, you will only be able to partially recharge it, as the power bank’s capacity is too low.

▸ This iPhone-ready power bank and charger comes in two color variants: Black and White. Each one costs 39.99, but you can hunt for frequent deals that will let you get it for under 30.

Compatible: All current iPhone models. Partial recharge of current iPad models.

Powerful 60000mAh 22.5W battery pack for your current and future iPhone and iPad

▸ With the capacity at 60000mAh, this battery pack beast from Romoss is among the most powerful power banks that are currently offered online.

▸ The producer claims that on average you can use it for three weeks on one charge. You can recharge the power bank with the 9V 2A power adapter in less than 16 hours.

▸ Romoss offers 22.5W power output (enough for any iPad) and PD 3.0 fast charging via USB-C port. It can recharge your iPhone 12 times, and the iPad Pro (the model is not specified) – even 4 times.

▸ Please keep in mind that, while looking pretty slim, this power bank is not lightweight. It weighs 2.9 pounds (1.3 kilograms).

▸ The red-colored LED display will let you check out the charging status, voltage, and remaining battery level.

▸ The list price is set at 90, but you can get it for under 70 pretty often.

✨ Compatible: All current iPhone and iPad models.

Ultra-portable 9000mAh wireless power bank for iPhone and Apple Watch

▸ The first thing to decide when picking up the power bank is which of your devices are you going to charge the most. If you need to recharge your iPhone and Apple Watch during the day, take a look at the wireless charging power bank from iWalk.

best, power, banks, compatible, iphone

▸ The design has a round shape and strong magnets on the front side. It’s done on purpose – you can wrap your Apple Watch around the power bank to immediately start the wireless charging on the go.

▸ The 9000mAh capacity is enough to charge your Apple Watch about 20 times and iPhone between 1 and 2 times.

▸ The built in Lightning cable lets you charge the iPhone the same time you charge the Apple Watch. Plus, the power bank sports the pass-through technology, so that you can plug it into the wall socket to pass the energy to two connected devices.

▸ The power bank is available in four color variants: Black, White, Pink, and Light Green. The regular price is set at 45.99. The device is selling very well all year long so it’s hard to find any price deal.

✨ Compatible: All current iPhone models, all Apple Watch models except Series 1.

25W 33800mAh iPhone and iPad power bank with wireless charging pad

Our pick: Best value-for-money power bank for iPhone and iPad

▸ This slim and lightweight power bank combines the almost perfect set of features designed for the heavy user of both the iPhone and iPad.

▸ The power bank comes with wireless charging pad, so when it comes to the latest iPhones, you don’t even need a cable. The wireless charging offers 5, 7.5, 10, and maximum 15W power output, and can fast charge most other Qi-enabled devices.

▸ You can obviously charge your iPhone and iPad via the cable. With 25W and PD 4.0, you can fast charge your iPhone to the full battery level in less than 30 minutes.

▸ What’s more, the battery pack offers 5 simultaneous charging outputs. The 25W output/input is performed by USB-C port. 33800mAh is enough to fully recharge your iPhone up to 10 times.

▸ The list price of this feature-packed wireless power bank is 39, but quite frequently it goes down to a bit more than 30.

✨ Compatible: All iPhone models (wireless charging available for wireless charging enabled models), all current iPad models.

Our score: 8.1/10

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Are Power Banks Safe?

Mobile technology has come a long way over the last 10 years with smartphones, tablets, cameras, and music devices dominating our everyday lives. And with every picture we take, text we send, call we accept, and song we pump through our Bluetooth speakers we’re draining battery life that must be replaced to keep the good times going.

Maintaining that mobility, convenience, and freedom to go about your means you can’t simply stop to plug your device into the wall in the middle of whatever’s going on.

And thus, the power bank portable charger was created.

Understanding Power Banks

Plugging your phone or tablet into a wall socket works just fine, certainly, but when you’re out hiking and taking pictures, or spending a day at an amusement park with your kids, you need a power bank to let you charge your devices on-the-fly, so you never miss a great moment or once-in-a-lifetime picture.

The real question then becomes, “Are power banks safe?”

You’ve no doubt seen the hundreds of different sizes and styles of power banks, each with their own inputs, lithium batteries, and milliamps per hour (mAh), but that doesn’t mean they’re safe for you to stuff into a backpack, briefcase, travel bag, or purse for charging devices on the go.

Choosing the right fast charge power bank comes down to a few factors that you need to know about, and we want to help you understand each one to make the right choice for you, your family, and your travels.

Three Distinct Categories

First and foremost, power bank portable chargers are broken into three distinct classes based on capacity and general use: Economy, Business, and Special.

Economy Class

General a more common capacity that’s designed with a low price point and basic capacity ranging from 2200 mAh to 5000 mAh. These are mostly for quick and short use, which rarely provide even a full phone charge.

Business Class

Backed by capacity that extends up to 10000 mAh, these multipurpose external battery chargers are the most vital addition to today’s tablets, smartphones, and mobile devices. With multiple ports and type C accessibility, their versatility, like that found in the Crave Plus, is ideal for most users.

Special Class

The most versatile of all power banks, these chargers are led by products like the Crave Plus Pro which power a wide range of devices you use most often, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, GoPros, and even certain laptops and Apple MacBook computers.

Charge Capacity

The first thing to understand about charge capacity is that just because something is rated 2200 mAh or 10000 mAh doesn’t mean that’s the speed at which it will charge. It simply means that’s how much stored energy it can. Generally speaking, the lower the number, the less effective it will work for charging your gear.

When estimating how many charges you can expect from a power bank, it is important to remember that power transfer from a power bank to your device is not 100% efficient. In fact, low quality portable chargers can have as much as 50% power loss, which would mean a 10000 mAh battery will only power up your device battery 5000 mAh. Premium quality power banks perform much better and will have a loss of around 30%.

The Apple iPhone X has a battery capacity of 2700 mAh. If you are looking at a high-quality power bank with 10000 mAh, you can expect almost three full charges for your iPhone. The math would be as follows:

10000 mAh capacity x.70 efficiency = 7000 mAh effective capacity / 2700 mAh iPhone X battery capacity = 2.6 full charges.

Safety Functions

When it comes to portability, safety is the most important factor behind choosing a slim power bank.

Does it good too hot in your bag? Does it overcharge your device? Could it cause a short circuit and damage your device or it’s charging capability? Can it adjust to your specific device or is it stuck with one setting?

Unfortunately, with most standard power banks, you’re playing the lottery in terms of protection and overall safety. Average power banks have even been known to start fires, melt down, or even explode due to a variety of very specific factors, including:

When a brand skimps on the type of lithium-ion battery they use, it can play a major factor in rechargeability and battery to device stability. Remanufactured and recycled batteries found in average power chargers increase safety risks exponentially.

Poor circuit quality and connectivity between parts also play a critical role in overall dependability. In fact, without certain safety standards in place poor circuits can cause overvoltage, short circuiting, and even Rapid changes in internal and external temperatures.

Unfortunately, people don’t always use their power bank correctly. Exposing it to high external temperatures can be problematic, as can spilling water or liquids on the battery itself. Overcharging the power bank itself can be detrimental to inferior products and trying to charge incompatible devices puts both items at risk.

Crave Power Chargers Surpass All Expectations

With all of the above in mind, Crave power banks and portable chargers set out to address every safety concern, connectivity convenience, and portability issue to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they need to keep their devices going longer with true peace of mind.

The Crave Plus portable chargers are designed with ultra-precision in a slim, lightweight, travel-ready design made for the modern world.

In fact, depending on the device, you’ll find the exactly things you need from a safety standpoint, including:

  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Smart Charging Device Connectivity
  • Overcharge and Overvoltage Protection
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Cool, Ultra-Thin Aluminum Shell Casing

Along with all the most important safety features that protect your device and the portable power bank itself, these high-powered, 10000 mAh portable chargers are also fitted with the most important ports, such as:

Be Ready for Life, No Matter Where It Takes You

A power bank should give you the versatility that you need to take those extra pictures, capture those unforgettable videos, map your way to a new restaurant, and keep every Bluetooth speaker pumping out the tunes until the party is really over—all because it powers the devices that mean the most to you.

Crave understands what you need the very best because they match your specific mobile requirements with the ways that you’ll use it in your everyday life. From charging capacity to strict safety requirements to sleek portability, these charges match real on-the-go lifestyles who aren’t ready to slow down.

Check out Crave power banks or their other great products today and find gear that fits your life!

Does extra battery power and wireless charging make this a worthwhile iPhone 7 battery case?

Get the Mophie Juice Pack Air on Amazon right now!

Mophie Juice Pack Air Review – Wireless charging and spare battery. What could go wrong?

The Mophie Juice Pack Air has an extra 2450 Mah battery and also has a Qi wireless charger integrated into the back. These extra features sound great but aren’t that impressive on a day-to-day basis in our opinion. We don’t think anybody wearing a suit could easily deal with the extra bulk and the extra battery power might not be enough for power hungry students. We’ll elaborate below.

For our Mophie Juice Pack Air review, we’ve given this product a score of 3.7 Ehs out of 5. This Mophie case scores a little lower than the Apple Smart Battery case at 3.9 Eh’s out of 5. We’re ramping up our iPhone 7 battery case reviews so check back soon to see how the Mophie compares against other products.

Get the Mophie Juice Pack Air on Amazon right now!

Design – Looks a Mophie, feels like a Mophie

The Mophie Juice Pack Air is a larger than average iPhone case which is expected since it comes with a wireless charger and spare battery. At the thickest and widest parts, the Juice Pack Air is as bulky as the Apple Smart Battery case. But the Juice Pack Air doesn’t have the Quasimodo hump that the Apple product does. We’ll be honest with you, we like the Quasimodo hump when it comes to functionality. We’ll elaborate below.

You install the iPhone 7 by sliding the device into the case and capping it off. Everything fits well together and there is enough texture on both sides to keep it from sliding around. The case fits together tightly so you can’t use a skin on the iPhone with this case. The battery case only weights 103 g’s which is actually lighter than the smaller Apple Smart Battery case.

Our only issue with the build quality of the Juice Pack Air is how quickly the back will show wear and tear. You can see all the scratches on the back after 10 days of light usage.

Protection – It won’t stop much. But’ll be fine for most people

When it comes to protection, the Juice Pack Air is going to protect your iPhone from small day-to-day drops. The case isn’t drop-rated but the edges of the case are quite high which is great for your iPhone’s screen. The great fit of the iPhone also reduces the chance that dust and debris will get between the iPhone and the case.

Functionality – Is the Mophie Juice Pack worth it?

The functionality of the Mophie Juice Pack Air is where this product is suppose to shine. We didn’t have any issues accessing the buttons and the edges of the case do not interfere with screen usability.

The spare battery has a capacity of 2450 mah but that translates to an extra 50% of battery during our usage. The iPhone 7 Plus has a capacity of 2900 mah so the extra 50% was disappointing. Oddly enough, the iPhone 7 version of the Juice Pack Air has a bigger capacity.

An extra 50% will definitely get you through the rest of a day if you chronically run out of power. The rate of charging from the case to the iPhone is similar to the rate of charging from a standard iPhone charger.

You can sync your iPhone through case using a micro-USB cable. For wireless charging, the Juice Pack Air is compatible with any Qi compatible wireless charging accessory. For an extra 40 dollars, you can get a wireless charging base which is a giant blue puck. Surprisingly, the wireless charger filled our iPhone’s battery at the same rate as wired connection which is nice. We found that this wasn’t the case for earlier Qi charging accessories.

The handling of an iPhone 7 Plus isn’t great. The extra bulk is noticeable on the device and the coating on the Juice Pack Air doesn’t offer enough texture. The Quasimodo bump on the back of the Apple Smart Battery case actually reduces the bulk because the edges of the case are still quite slim. The handling of the battery case won’t be as much of an issue for the smaller iPhone 7.

Get this battery case if you’re a suits? a student? or for vacation?

With the iPhone 7 Plus, there is almost no way you’re going to be keeping your device and the Mophie Juice Pack Air in a pant Especially if you wear a suit.

For students, we don’t think the extra 50% battery charge is going to be enough. Especially given the extra bulk that you have to haul around all the time. If you’re looking for a extra battery power, we’d get a stand alone power bank.

BUT if you’re going on vacation and need to have that extra juice and you don’t mind the extra bulk, the Mophie Juice Pack is going to suffice.

Last thing that we’ll talk about deals with the magnets on the case. Mophie has several magnetic accessories to use with the Juice Pack Air which is great if you’re willing to spend the money. Like the Mophie Force Hold, you can’t use this case with other magnetic case accessories which seems silly to us.

What did she say about the Mophie Juice Pack Air?

(This is our attempt at seeing things from a female perspective):

  • “The case looks very slick”
  • “Mophie always has smooth lines and compact looking design”
  • “I wouldn’t bet a battery case because I’d prefer a power bank so that anyone can use it”
  • “A great vacation case”

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How to charge anywhere.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make life so much easier. That is, until they run out of battery power when there’s nowhere to plug in.

The answer is a portable charger.

A lightweight power bank or mobile battery pack that you can carry anywhere.

They go under different names: battery packs, power banks, portable chargers, fuel banks, power cells and back-up charging devices to name just a few.

But whatever you call them, they all do the same thing.

Charge your phone or tablet without needing a power outlet.

Simply charge it up at home, throw it in your bag or your. and connect it to your phone whenever it needs a quick battery boost.

best, power, banks, compatible, iphone

You’ll never suffer from “low battery anxiety” again.

Charge anywhere.

Make sure you’re always connected with back up battery power that’s as mobile as you are.

Battery packs come in all shapes and sizes, smaller sizes for an essential smartphone boost in your. or bigger sizes for multiple charges or to charge a tablet.

Choose one with cables included, or one with multiple ports to charge more than one device at a time.

Pick out a power fortress or something small and sleek, and take the power to charge anywhere, with you everywhere.

Start by choosing the size of your battery (aka power bank).

This is not just about which one will fit in your or your purse. The size of the battery is about the power inside. Most batteries will feature a number on the front that tells you the number of mAh or “milliamp-hours.”

Common sizes range from 2000mAh up to 10,000 or even 12,000 mAh. Bigger numbers mean more power, which means more recharges for your smartphone, or charging for bigger devices that need more power, like a tablet.

Charges an iPhone 7 (running iOS 10) up to 1.5 times on a single charge in internal testing.

Charges an iPhone 7 (running iOS 10) up to 3 times on a single charge in internal testing.

Charges an iPhone 7 (running iOS 10) up to 5 times on a single charge in internal testing

We’ve used smartphones and tablets to compare battery sizes, but most battery packs will charge any device that charges via USB, such as a GoPro camera, Kindle reader or Bluetooth headset. Bigger devices that draw more power will need bigger batteries. more mAh. to charge them fully.

How to ensure fast charging for your phone/tablet.

Technically the standard USB port on your battery pack (aka power bank) will fit any standard USB cable. However, the amount of power it can provide may vary.

= Minimal Speed

= Better Speed

= Fastest Speed

1 AMP/ 5WATT A 1 amp USB port will charge your smartphone or tablet but may charge slowly, even if the battery is big enough to charge your smartphone more than once.
2.4 AMP / 12WATT This will charge most smartphones at the fastest possible speed for smartphones. This is also called “optimal charging.”

“Shared” is the combined power available on multi-port power banks, and is different from “total power”. Learn more

How many devices do you need to charge?

Bigger batteries (aka power banks) – with more mAh – sometimes have more than one USB port, because with all at that power inside, why not share it out?

This can be useful to charge two smartphones at the same time – maybe to give a battery boost to a friend.

Or you can charge your smartphone and your GoPro at the same time.

Or your smartphone and your Bluetooth headset.

Or even a smartphone and a tablet, if you choose a battery with enough mAh to provide all that power.

With multiple ports, simultaneous charging is super-easy.



The quality of your cable can help to determine how quickly your power bank (aka portable charger) and attached devices power up. Higher quality cables also protect your devices from overheating and harmful power surges.


Every power bank (aka portable charger) needs to be charged. This usually requires a standard USB to Micro-USB cable. Simply connect your power bank input port (usually Micro-USB) to a standard USB wall charger.


Most power banks (aka portable chargers) charge via a USB port, simply connect your device to the USB port and begin charging. Some power banks come with a cable, or a variety of cables, that are detachable. This makes it easy to switch between cables for your iPad, your Samsung phone, or other device. Other power banks have a cable hard-wired to the pack. This prevents losing the cable, but makes the power bank less versatile overall.

Explore Battery Packs

There is no such thing as a magic battery pack.

Unfortunately, no battery pack has been invented that magically recharges itself when it’s empty. But on the whole, they are pretty simple to charge.

If you need one immediately, check on the package if it’s ready to use when you buy it. Some will need to be charged at home before they can be used.

To charge, plug the supplied cable into the input port on the battery pack. Attach the other end, usually a standard USB, into a wall charger or other power source.

Battery pack input ranges from 1Amp up to 2.4Amps. Put simply, the bigger the input number, the faster it will recharge. Most wall chargers deliver up to 2.4Amps, but it’s worth checking the charger if you’re in a hurry, as a 1Amp charger might take twice as long.

Some battery packs have an LED indicator, which tells you how much power the battery pack has left. This will tell you when you need to recharge the battery.

A power bank (aka portable charger) seems like a good idea. But is it safe?

Some power banks are carefully designed and rigorously tested to offer complete peace of mind, that is backed up by robust warranties and guarantees. Some warranties protect the power bank itself, while others also safeguard the electronic devices you attach to it, like your phone, tablet or smartwatch.

Some batteries might not offer such peace of mind. Opting for low cost or counterfeit products can turn out to be expensive, even dangerous. It’s easy to avoid this by following these simple steps.


Some power banks (aka portable chargers) require you to register your purchase, by providing the serial number either online or via a helpline. This is a good way to activate your returns policy and ensure your product is not a counterfeit.


Manufacturer, country of origin and the type of power bank may mean differences in the types of warranties and what they will cover



Covers the power bank (aka portable charger) for a specific period from the date of purchase, and usually requires you to keep your receipt to prove purchase date.


Covers the power bank (aka portable charger) for the reasonable life expectancy of the product, which may vary according to manufacturer.


A more robust warranty which not only covers the power bank (aka portable charger) itself, but will also offer to repair or replace devices that are damaged while “properly connected” to the power bank, in line with manufacturer guidelines. Such warranties usually have a clause stating up, “up to 1,000” or similar. The amount should be enough to cover the types of device recommended for use with the power bank, such as a smartphone or tablet.

A robust quality assurance offers durability and peace of mind.

Rigorous testing and thorough investigation of product performance make your battery pack more likely to last longer, and less likely to harm you and your valuable electronics.

Safe battery packs should have undergone the following testing


efficient battery packs will have a lower operating temperature, which wastes less energy, giving it longer life expectancy.

Over Current Protection

OCP prevents too much power going into the battery pack and the power going out to the connected equipment, protecting the delicate circuitry of both devices.


Like OCP, OVP protects both the battery pack and the connected device by keeping the voltage within recommended safety parameters to avoid damage.

Over Discharge/Charge Protection

High-performing batteries should not be overcharged or fully discharged to prolong their life expectancy. Some battery packs consistently monitor charge states to prevent this from happening.

best, power, banks, compatible, iphone

Heat Tests at Extreme Temperatures

While using batteries in extreme temperatures isn’t advised anywhere, it can be a good indicator of weaknesses in design and construction. Batteries which pass such stringent testing will be more durable and offer improved assurances of overall safety and performance.

Compliance with legal standards of safety.

These logos or marks, usually found on the packaging, will indicate that they have passed the necessary industry standard regulations, to comply with and achieve the following certifications.

To learn more, please see CHARGE ANYWHERE above, or The Cheat Sheet below.

While many battery packs may look identical, when it comes to safety, it’s what’s inside that counts.

mAh mAh stands for Milliamp Hours and quantifies the energy storage capacity. It is based on how long a battery will last when power is drawn constantly, e.g. a 2000 mAh battery will power a device drawing 100 mAh for 20 hours.

Amps Short for ampere, this is a unit of current, not a unit of charge. It describes the constant and average current that passes through the circuit.

Shared vs. Total Shared power banks will provide power where it’s needed, e.g. a 2 x 1.7A [3.4A shared] will charge two smartphones at 1.2A each, or one tablet at 2.4A. Some multi-port power banks (aka portable chargers) will have fixed outputs on each port, e.g. a 2 x 1.2A [2.4A total] and will charge two smartphones at 1.2A. This is what is referred to as, “total” power.

Smartphone A mobile phone with an advanced mobile operating system, usually with internet access, touchscreen interfaces, cameras, media players and the ability to run third-party apps.

Tablet A mobile computer with a touchscreen display, circuitry and battery in a single, portable device, usually featuring pop-up, virtual keyboards for typing.

USB port Short for Universal Serial Bus port, a USB port is designed for use with an industry standard connector to communicate data and supply electric power between devices.

Micro-USB Micro USB is a USB connector that is smaller than USB-A, and is often found on smaller or thinner mobile devices, such as Android smartphones, digital cameras, battery pack input ports, Kindle readers and many others.

USB-C—Also known as Type-C USB-C is a new type of USB connector, hailed as the new standard. Smaller, faster and more user-friendly than previous USB types, USB-C has widespread support from industry leaders, meaning that USB-C will come to replace all other USB types.

Lightning A connector developed by Apple to replace the 30-pin connector. Used across all iPhone, iPod and iPad releases since iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th generation) and iPad 4th generation.

Optimal Charging The fastest possible charging for the connected device is optimal charging. Larger devices require more power, so a charger with limited output may still power up, but will take longer to fully charge

Best Power Banks and Portable Chargers for iPhone

A power bank (or portable charger) can mean the difference between stressing over your phone’s battery life. Or being able to use it all day long without worry. The best power banks for iPhones in 2019 can fast charge and provide all-day power. Whether you have the latest iPhone 11. Or an older model.

Anker PowerCore 10000 PD with iPhone 8

This guide will help you get the best power bank for these iPhones:

  • iPhone 6/6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s/6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS/XS Max
  • iPhone 11/11 Pro

Choosing the Right Portable Charger For You

Unlike wall chargers a portable charger allows you to recharge your phone anywhere. As they have their own rechargeable batteries you aren’t tethered to a wall outlet. With the right power, the bank can charge your phone as fast as any wall charger. And have enough power to get you through a busy day or weekend camping trip.

The lithium batteries used in a portable charger do add weight, bulk, and cost compared to a wall charger. And of course, a portable charger can only offer a finite number of recharges before it runs out of power itself.

With all that in mind, the three things to look at when buying a portable charger are capacity, output, and price.

Capacity – Only Carry What You Need

All things being equal more capacity means more uptime for your phone. But you can end up with too much capacity. capacity also means a higher price tag and more weight. You don’t want to pay for and carry around a power bank that recharges your phone 4 times. When you really only need 1-2 recharges. The best power bank for your iPhone is one that meets your uptime needs. But not much more.

Milliampere hours (mAh) is a measure of a battery’s capacity.

  • 5,000mAh | 1 recharge | 3-5 oz
  • 10,000mAh | 2-3 recharges | 7-8 oz
  • 20,000mAh | 4-7 recharges | 13-16 oz
  • 26,800mAh | 5-9 recharges | 16-21 oz

I recommend a 5,000 – 10,000mAh power bank. Most likely you only need to top off your phone to get through the rest of the day. Even if supporting two phones on the go a 10,000mAh is enough to top them both up. Smaller power banks will be lighter and cheaper. And tend to be designed with smartphones in mind.

A 20,000mAh power bank allows you to recharge your phone all week long. Before having to recharge the power bank itself. Some prefer the convenience of carrying less weight. Larger power banks are also a good idea when camping or otherwise away from civilization.

Output – Enabling Fast Charging

With the right output in a power bank, you can fast-charge your phone. Newer iPhones (8/X/XR/XS) can use USB Power Delivery (USB-C PD) to charge from 0-50% in 30 minutes. Any iPhone going back to the iPhone 4 can use Apple 2.4A. Recharging up to 45 minutes faster than with the included charger.

USB-C PD is only on USB-C ports. So newer iPhones will need a USB-C to Lightning cable to take advantage.

Apple 2.4A is usually on USB-A ports. So most iPhones can use their normal Lightning cable.

For newer iPhones using Apple 2.4A will work as well as USB-C PD for most people. USB-C PD does charge ~15 minutes faster. But keep in mind all fast charging turns off once the iPhone is at 70%. If you top off more than full recharge then either tech will work well.

Why You Should Get a USB-C Power Bank With an Older iPhone

You’ll notice below that all my recommended power banks offer both USB-C and USB-A ports. With an older iPhone (4 through 7) a USB-C port doesn’t offer much. Some support Apple 2.4A for fast charging older iPhones. But so do plenty of USB-A power banks, and those don’t need a brand new cable.

All the power banks below offer Apple 2.4A on a USB-A port. That means you can use the Lightning cable you already have. And still, enjoy the benefits of fast charging.

But the main reason to get a power bank with both ports is future-proofing. At some point in the future, you are going to buy a new iPhone. And that iPhone is going to support USB-C Power Delivery for fast charging. Even when Apple finally replaces the Lightning port with USB-C. In fact, Power Delivery will then be an even better fit.

Apple is a member of the USB Implementors Forum. The organization that creates USB standards. They created both USB-C and USB Power Delivery. So it makes sense for Apple to use an open standard they were involved with creating. At least until newer, better tech comes out. But until that time you can bet future iPhones will support USB Power Delivery. Which is only available over USB-C.

Best Power Banks for iPhone in 2019


5,000mAh power bank with 18W USB-C PD and Quick Charge 3.0. Among the smallest fast charging power banks on the market.

  • Good for 1 full recharge of your phone
  • USB-C fast charges iPhone 8/X/XR/XS/11
  • USB-A fast charges most iPhones
  • Can charge two phones at once, but won’t fast charge either
  • Can fit in a men’s front (tight fit) or small purse
  • Dimensions: 3 x 1.4 x 1.1 inches | 3.5 oz

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