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Mykonos island Greece: A great variety of Mykonos local products

Mykonos Greece produces a few local products. Like all the Cyclades, Mykonos is a place where you can enjoy tasty food and wine.


mykonos island food and local productsThe specialities of Mykonos are:
- Mykonos homemade sausages, flavoured with spice, oregano and pepper and olives. They are dried in the air.
- Onion pie with "tyrovolia cheese".
- All kind of sea food.
- "Siglinia", piece of pork preserved in fat.
- "Louzes", pork shoulder blade seasoned for 24hrs with spice, pepper, oregano, and olives, and then put in the piglet's intestine and they are dried in the air for half a month. It is served in thin slices with a snack.
- "Kopanisti", founded in most of Cycladic islands, is a kind of soft spicy cheese. It is a mixture of goat's and cow's milk.
-"Amigdalota",which can be founded in all the Cyclades, are sweats made of almond. "Amigdalo" means almond in Greek
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Discover the Wine of mykonos:

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