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Mykonos Beaches: The island of Mykonos has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece


Mykonos Island is famous all over the world for its beautiful golden sandy beaches and its transparent waters.

Super Paradise: mykonos beachesWater sports and activities are available in most of them.

There is a beach for every taste and mood.
You will find the most beautiful beaches of the island on the south of it. They have fine golden sand and are protected from the Meltemi, the local Cycladic wind. These beaches (Paradise, Super Paradise, Platis Yialos, Psarou, Ornos) are overcrowded and some of them (Paradise, Super Paradise) are known as party beaches.

On the north, the beaches are also beautiful and less developed and crowded, therefore perfect for those who want to find some peace. You will nevertheless need to rent a car or motorbike to reach them.

mykonos beaches: Plati GialosPlatis Yialos beach is the most frequented beach on the island. Many buses bring people every half an hour to catch the caïques which leave Platis Yialos to all other south coast beaches (Paranga, Agrari, Elia, Paradise and Super Paradise).
Platis Yialos is a large golden sandy beach with fantastic “turquoise” crystal waters. It is fully organized and you will find many hotels, restaurants and a variety of facilities for water sports along the shore.

Pasarou beachPsarou beach is located 5 km from Mykonos Town. It is a sandy beach in a beautiful location that attracts thousands of visitors. It is well known in Greece as the place where show business celebrities go in the summer.
The beach is fully organised and offers water sports facilities like scuba diving.


Ornos beach is the closest beach to Mykonos Town.

It is a small fishing village about 2.5 kilometres south of town and has a fine-sandy beach in a bay with, along the shore, an widespread hotel and numerous restaurants and bars.

You can reach this beach by bus. It is a beautiful beach but gets easily overcrowded with families and tourists on package vacations. You can also find a diving school and schools for sea-skiing and windsurfing.


Originally called Kalamopodi, it is located Paradise: mykonos beachesit is between Paranga and Super Paradise. It is a famous beach, with a young crowd and is accessible by footpath from Platis Yialos, by bus, or by caïque( small fishing boat).

This used to be the hippy and nudist beach of the island. On that beach, music blares with many parties take place day and night. Behind the beach, you will find a big fully organised and completely commercial camping where are located most of the beach bars.

On the beach you can also enjoy water sports activities and diving schools.
Above the beach, on a hill, you will find the famous Cavo Paradiso, a large complex with a beach bar, a pool, and a restaurant.
By night, the beach looks like a huge disco, with people dancing on the sand and the rocks.


Originally called Plindri, near Paradise, it is a Super Paradise: mykonos beachesfantastic beach with clear blue crystal water. It is one of the most famous gay beaches in the Mediterranean.

It is less developed than Paradise but equally crowded. The easiest way to reach the beach is by caïque( small fishing boat). But it is also accessible by bus. There are regular boat services leaving from Platis Yialos Beach.

While arriving, you will notice that the beach is divided: on the one half lay the heterosexual tourists and, on the other half, the gay ones.


The Paraga beachThe beach can be reached by bus, by foot from Platis Yialos(15 minutes walk) or by caïque(it is the first stop on the trip to Super Paradise beach).
Paranga Beach is a beautiful and large sandy beach which is, actually, two beaches separated by a headland. The south side of the beach is calm. The beach is much more organised on the north side with many tavernas playing music and serving drinks.


Agios Ioannis beach in MykonosAgios Ioannis is considered to be the most beautiful beach in the south west of Mykonos.

It is a sandy beach with clean blue waters

Ag. Ioannis has a fantastic view of Delos Island.


This two beaches are located side by side (5 minutes walk), at 10 km from Mykonos Town. You can reach this beaches by bus or by caïque(the third and fourth stop).
Agrari and Elia are large and sandy beaches. Elia is the longest beach on the Island.
Agrari is less popular and more quiet while Elia is more organised and offers a choice of tavernas and bars. You will also find there some water sports facilities (water-skiing, parasailing and windsurfing).

Beaches in MykonosKalafati, Kato Livadi and Aghia Anna, situated on the southern coast, are the less crowded beaches. The bus services are limited to these destinations.
Kalafati is a small fishing village. A line of trees separates the beach from the buildings. It is one of the longest beaches of Mykonos and offers a lot of water sports facilities…
Next to Kalafati, you can find the beach of Aghia Anna, a cute small sandy beach.
Kalo Livadi is located in a farming valley. It is a family beach, located at 2 km from Ano Mera. There are some tavernas and some villas and hotels on the hill.


Aghios Stephanos is the closest beach to Mykonos Town. It is situated on the north side, 1 km from Tourlos and the new port. There are some tavernas and hotels. It is an overcrowded windless sandy beach. You can find there water sports facilities.

Panormos and Agios Sostis beaches are more isolated and situated at the northern part of the island.
These two beaches are quiet and to reach them, your own transportation is needed.
Panormos is a 100 meters sandy beach with low dunes.

, the southern beaches, situated at 14 km from Mykonos Town. It is accessible by road from Kalafatis beach. It is a sandy beach with clear waters. You will find some fishing house and a small taverna.
Ftelia, a beautiful beach but it is north orientated and receive the Meltemi (the Cycladic local wind). It is a beach of great interest to the windsurfers.
Korfos, with strong winds by Meltemi days and of is also interesting to windsurfers.
Kapari (calm beach behind Agios Ioannis chapel: it is not an organised beach)
Frangia is mostly used for organised beach barbecue trips and cruises.
Glifadi is a small beach appreciated by families with children
Houlakia: a spectacular beach situated 4 km north from Mykonos Town.


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