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Mykonos architecture: Discover the architecture of the beautiful island of Mykonos Greece

Most of the Cycladic villages have a similar architecture: little white cubic houses built the one upon the other, with blue doors and windows and surrounded by small narrow streets: the beautiful Cycladic cliché!

Mykonos Architecture: Discover the unique architecture of Mykonos

This is also the Mykonos architecture.

The reasons for that kind of constructions and organisation were the rarity of construction materials, the need for protection from the wind in winter, the warmth in summer and a strong communal spirit.

Concerning the lay-out, the mykonos architecture looks much the same as in most villages in the Cyclades: small white house in narrow streets.

Usually, the global organisation of the villages wasn’t planed like it was in Naxos Island and was given to the free instincts of the builders. For that reason, don’t be surprised if you get lost. The village’s streets are made like a labyrinth, totally unorganised, but on the whole, it creates an ambiance and atmosphere that you will not forget.

Mykonos Town fits pretty much the description of a Cycladic village and is considered by many as one of the most beautiful of the Cycladic islands.
The difference is that the buildings adopted a smooth asymmetrical shape on every corner which gives
it a perfect harmony. The biggest part of Mykonos Town is made on the Cycladic architectural way but in some areas like the Little Venise you will find a totally different atmosphere. Venetian

houses, with multicoloured porches, wooden balconies, are built above the sea. That image, famous all over the world, is unlike anything in Greece.


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